Meet the Team

The Faces of Our Organization

Since our founding in 2021, WEPA Empowerment Center has developed and grown in a positive direction.

We’re very proud of the diversity of our staff, and their abilities to contribute their own unique experience and skills to our success.

Find out more about some of our team members below.


Rafael M. Torres

Founder / President & CEO

Experienced, dedicated, visionary. 

With over 36 years of experience working with people in the military, government, criminal justice, and as a volunteer, I've been asked to be a positive force for solutions to problems that affect our communities.

I'm pleased to introduce this project which aims to enhance and foster partnerships that create opportunities necessary to empower people for advancement throughout South Central Pennsylvania but more importantly reminding them of the power they already possess.


Maribel González

Co-founder / Vice President 

Maribel González is a native of Lebanon County, and has worked and volunteered in the community in various capacities. She has a background in Social Services, Psychology and Behavioral Health. Maribel spent 24 years working in education, and recently transitioned to the community health field.

Maribel enjoys helping others, learning new languages, and traveling. She has a keen sense of intercultural awareness, having spent time doing volunteer work or traveling to countries such as Tanzania, Kenya, Haiti, Ireland, Greece, Puerto Rico, and Dominican Republic.

Jakob Pommerening, Executive Director of PROBE, Lee Smedley Volunteer Executive Director at Support

Executive & Advisory Board Members 

WEPA is currently seeking forward-thinking, visionary board members that will enhance the growth and development of the nonprofit organization. 

Send us an email with your resume to:

WEPA está buscando miembros de la junta que tengan una visión del futuro y contribuyan al crecimiento y desarrollo de esta organización sin fines de lucro.

Envíenos un correo electrónico con su résumé a: