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Tec Centro Lebanon

 Workforce, Training, & Education 

division of WEPA


Tec Centro Network receives $8 million in state funds. How that impacts Lebanon County.

June 17, 2024

Matthew Toth

On June 14, the network's administrators announced in Lancaster that the Tec Centro Network received $8 million in state funding. In 2022, the network received $5 million in the state budget. The Tec Centro Network has locations in Lebanon, Lancaster and Berks counties, with organizers working to add locations in York and Harrisburg.

This funding is critically important to helping meet the growing demand for workforce development in the Central Pennsylvania region, according to network Executive Director Carlos Graupera.

"The message that we want to convey to everyone who is listening to us is that our marginalized communities and third class cities are on the move," he said. "They want investment. They want to do the hard work...and it's such a pleasure to see philanthropy, the corporate community, public officials and vocational education all come together on a single mission to transform our communities."

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