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Adult Education Classes

Special notice: These programs will rollout at different future dates.  Get ready today by signing the waitlist for your program of interest.  When that program is ready, you will be contacted, that simple!  Thank you for your patience. 


Ingles como segundo idioma

Tec Centro believes that the foundation to better employment starts with clear and professional communication. Our ESL classes empower language learners to develop their English language skills in a motivated and culturally-appropriate way. Each class is customized to fit the needs of students at various proficiency levels - basic, low intermediate, or high intermediate/advanced

ESL Levels Provided

The Basic level is designed for those with little to no knowledge of English. In this course, students will learn to establish a simple conversation, provide their personal information, talk about seasons, the weather, and time, discuss activities they like to do, and begin describing things and people. Through a variety of hands-on activities and speaking exercises, students will start improving their vocabulary and, in turn, their confidence.

Low Intermediate
In the Low Intermediate class, students will continue building their vocabulary so that they are able to talk about familiar topics such as places in the community, the home, daily routines, the doctor’s office, and more. Major grammar focuses include the simple present, present progressive, and simple past tenses.

High Intermediate/Advanced
This course helps students “polish” their English. Through increased vocabulary and grammar practice, students will be able to talk about events that happened in the past, plans for the future, and more. Students at this level have a good command of the language, and are able to communicate almost entirely in English.

Processing Fee: $25.00

Provider: Tec Centro of Lebanon

FEE $25.00
Day (AM) or Night (PM)


diploma de equivalencia de escuela secundaria

High School Equivalence Course In Spanish or English

Adult Literacy /Pre-HISET
This program is designed for adults who are reading below the ninth-grade level. In addition to basic skills like reading and writing, these programs generally help students gain vocational skills such as those needed for some of the programs offered at Tec Centro.

HS Equivalency Course (HISET test)
HISET prep classes help adults earn a high school equivalency diploma by passing the HISET test. These classes allow adults to get more practice in subjects they may be weak in before taking the test. The HISET test measures knowledge in reading, writing, mathematics, social studies, and science. The course utilizes online resources (HISET preparation materials) as well as traditional textbooks and electronic assignments.

Ready to Take the HISET Test? Tec Centro West is an approved testing site!

Curso de Equivalencia de Bachillerato En Español o Inglés

Alfabetización de adultos/Pre-HISET
Este programa está diseñado para adultos que leen por debajo del nivel de noveno grado. Además de habilidades básicas como lectura y escritura, estos programas generalmente ayudan a los estudiantes a adquirir habilidades vocacionales como las necesarias para algunos de los programas que se ofrecen en Tec Centro.

​Curso de Equivalencia HS (prueba HISET)
Las clases de preparación HISET ayudan a los adultos a obtener un diploma equivalente a la escuela secundaria al aprobar el examen HISET. Estas clases permiten a los adultos practicar más en materias en las que pueden tener debilidades antes de realizar el examen. La prueba HISET mide el conocimiento en lectura, escritura, matemáticas, estudios sociales y ciencias. El curso utiliza recursos en línea (materiales de preparación HISET), así como libros de texto tradicionales y tareas electrónicas.

​¿Listo para realizar la prueba HISET? ¡Tec Centro West es un sitio de pruebas aprobado!

Provider: Tec Centro of Lebanon

FEE $25.00
English or Spanish option available! |  ¡Opción en inglés o español disponible!


Clase bilinugal de informática básica parte 1 y parte 2

Bilingual Basic Computer Classes: Part I

Whether you're a complete beginner or you need a review, this bilingual computer class is perfect for the adult learner who has never sat at a computer before, to those who need to brush up on their skills. The class is split into two parts at 3 weeks each part. The first part focuses on hardware, how to turn a computer on and off, and using email.


Bilingual Basic Computer Classes: Part 2

This class is for adult learners that know how to turn on a computer and how to use email. 3 week course. Part II goes on to software and Microsoft applications. You don't have to take Part I before taking Part 2, nor do you have to go on to Part 2 after taking Part I.


We offer this class during morning and evening hours. Call Tec Centro of Lebanon for more information or to join our waitlist: 717-708-3030.

Clases bilingües de informática básica: parte 1

Ya sea que sea un principiante o necesite un repaso, esta clase de computación bilingüe es perfecta para estudiantes adultos que nunca antes se han sentado frente a una computadora o para aquellos que necesitan repasar sus habilidades. La clase se divide en dos partes de 3 semanas cada una. La primera parte se centra en el hardware, cómo encender y apagar una computadora y cómo usar el correo electrónico.


Clases bilingües de informática básica: parte 2

La Parte 2 continúa con el software y las aplicaciones de Microsoft. No es necesario que tome la Parte I antes de tomar la Parte 2, ni tiene que pasar a la Parte 2 después de tomar la Parte I. Ofrecemos esta clase durante el horario de la mañana y la tarde. Llame al Tec Centro del Líbano para obtener más información o para unirse a nuestra lista de espera: 717-708-3030.



educación financiera

Financial Literacy Program counseling sessions are Free and Confidential. 

Meet with a counselor, together you will examine ways to reach your goals through money management education.

Counseling sessions are tailored to your needs.

Las sesiones de asesoramiento del Programa de Educación Financiera son gratuitas y confidenciales.
Reúnase con un consejero y juntos examinarán formas de alcanzar sus objetivos a través de la educación sobre administración del dinero.
Las sesiones de asesoramiento se adaptan a sus necesidades.


WEPA | Tec Centro is here to help you succeed. 

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